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Let Kreative Eye Design assist you with creating a remarkable logo and corporate identity solution.As the anchor to your brand we understand that 3 elements must exist; your logo must be unique, memorable, and relevant to your business and industry. We can help you create a logo that captures all of the above.


Before your logo is realized we provide our clients with a  logo questionnaire. This document gives us a clear-cut vision of what you desire in your logo. This is the first step in the logo design process. Once established we start working on rough drafts, then we submit our first draft to get your feedback, make any necessary adjustments, then send you the final draft.

Questions to ponder before beginning the logo design process:

We ask plenty of questions prior to beginning the logo design process. The answers to these questions play a huge part in the direction we take.

Here are some of the questions we may ask:
• What is the demographic of your audience?
• Who are you main competitors?
• What makes you different from your competitors?
• What do you want your logo design to accomplish?
• Do you have any preferred colors, or any existing brand colors?
• What feeling or mood would you like your logo to invoke?
• Will your logo be used primarily for the web, print, or both?
• What are some existing company logos that appeal to you?

Let  us review your current positioningAllow us to guide you through our collaborative process in making your brand stand out and attract your ideal clients.





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